All cards
in your mobile

White-label platform for managing consumer cards in your digital wallet

One app to rule them all

All cards in one easy-to-use mobile app, right at your fingertips.

Access to everyday services

Easy access to loyalty points, rewards, tickets, payment accounts, ID documents and other digital assets.

All-platforms security

Ready for publishing on Apple AppStore, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and others.


Who is it for?

MidiWallet platform allows banks, mobile networks, card issuers, event organizers and other B2C operators deploy a digital wallet solution under your brand to your customers’ mobile phones.


The user is free to add loyalty cards, gift cards, bank cards, connections to bank accounts, and more in the Digital Wallet app. The platform automatically recognizes the kind of asset being added and applies corresponding digitization procedure. The user is able to use their loyalty and rewards cards in the wallet, pay with the app in store via NFC, QR, or directly in other apps using bank cards added to the wallet. Easier than with plastic!

Wallet operators

The MidiWallet platform orchestrates the management of digital cards and other credentials, following industry standards for provisioning and tokenization of payment data. As an operator of the wallet, you can supplement your app with the virtual cards functionality, leveraging card management and usage use cases securely provided by the platform out of the box.

Business partners

Merchants, transit operators and banks can expand their customer base by providing value add services to wallet users or by leveraging existing user base of the wallet for seamless onboarding of new customers.


Everything you expect from a wallet, digitally

MidiWallet Platform offers card management solution with a bank-grade security, with the fully certified mobile app, including (but not limited to) the following main features.

Cards provisioning

Digitization of any card, using a combination of state-of-the-art techniques, ranging from AI-powered photo processing engine to the integration with payment networks following applicable standards from Visa, Mastercard, EMVCo, PCI and Global Platform.

Cards usage

Usage of stored digitized cards in their appropriate context (earning or redeeming loyalty points, performing a contactless payment transaction in store or in-app) through right communication standards (barcode, QR-code, or NFC), fully certified by payment networks for security and interoperability.

User accounts

User account management lifecycle, including enrollment and registration, integration with applicable digital identity methods and KYC policy service providers, with or without optional integration with the customer’s IAM solution.


Powerful notifications engine, supporting configurable messages on all events through all channels (push, SMS, email).

Value-add services

Sharing cards and tickets, sending gifts, managing and acting on promotion campaigns, receiving personalized discounts, setting up geo-location based marketing strategies and more.

Multilingual support

Fully customizable multilingual design with all main languages supported out of the box.


MidiWallet integrations

Once customized to your brand and integrated into your workflows,
MidiWallet will play essentially the same scenario with all cards.
Let us show you how it works.

Create your account

Create an account or automatically log in with an existing one.

Add your cards

Transfer your cards to the app simply by taking a photo of each one. The rest will be done by the platform.

Use your cards

Start using your digitized cards in store via bar code, QR-code or NFC.

Available integrations

Out of the box, MidiWallet will provide endpoints for the following integrations.

Payment products

The solution is fully ready to operate as a pass-through wallet on Android phones for Visa and Mastercard.

Loyalty programs

The platform supports all bar code and QR-code based loyalty systems out of the box.

Transit systems

Depending on the region, the platform features integrations with various transit operators. More information is available on demand.

About us

Digital-first products

MidiWallet is born from the desire to help consumers manage their credentials, mostly embodied in plastic cards these days. Helping the planet to get rid off this plastic waste is just one of the angles one can look at mobile wallets and mobile payment experience.


MidiWallet for developers

The set of MidiWallet APIs enables integration with the platform for all use cases. Contact us with requests for access.

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